Monday, 28 May 2018

The Tweets of The Week 28/05/2018

We had a day off yesterday, so here we are, a day late, with our fave regular feature, and we have some crackers!

1. The Mill Hill Litter pickers will be out and about this Saturday from Eleven (Click here to find out more). Sadly it seems like their efforts are needed.

2. This is not a sight we want to see in Edgware

3. I guess everyone had something to report about the lightning at the weekend. Hernan has a great clip!

4.Colindale also has it's own dedicated band of litter pickers. Great work from the team!

5. Some pretty dramatic pictures of the burst water main in Hendon

6. A rather fascinating mystery in East Finchley

7. Fancy some Jazz on Wednesday night

8. There are still some amazing spots in our amazing Borough

9. Fancy some great comedy in Mill Hill?

10. Fancy a bit of a bargain? Cheap guitar strings, drum sticks and band rehearsals

---- That's all folks!

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