Sunday, 15 March 2020

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet

Whilst everywhere else is seemingly going bonkers, the London Borough of Barnet seems to be a little island of sanity  in the maelstrom of the covid-19 insanity!.

I am sure that like us, you don't find pictures of empty supermarket shelves, reports on how many bog rolls there are in Tesco's Express or hysterically ill informed supposition very interesting, so here are a few things that we believe are!

1. Lets start with one of our favourite tweeters, doing what he always does, post interesting tweets. This is an especially poignant tweet for me. During the 1960's, one of my big holiday treats was to go with my Dad to collect spare parts for cars for his crash repair business. Perrys was one of the main destinations. Blokes in brown coats smoking ciggies, telling jokes and drinking tea. No computers, just blokes who knew where every bit was and what it did!

2. And the friends of Heybourne Park are similarly engaged in doing great things for the community

3. And these guys are also doing great things, we whole heartedly support protecting our waterways

4. More great tweets from the Mill Hill Historical Society

5. You think things are bad? A timely reminder of how much worse they were just over a hundred years ago

6. It's all go at Clitterhouse farm in Cricklewood today!

7. Fancy a nice bit of cucumber? This is probably the most surreal tweet of the week

8. Well done to the lads at Hendon fire station, magnificent effort

9. This is good to see!

10. There are some great artists in our neighbourhood. Here is one of the finest!

That's all folks!

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