Sunday, 29 March 2020

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 29/03/2020

Last week, Twitter was alive with pictures of empty shelves. Now we afe in lockdown, so the opportunities for interesting Tweets in our Borough are pretty limited. But there are still some of us doing our bit! Here is my selection and without wishing to sound immodest, I think it is a rather good one

1. We'll start with a regular, who has been out in his garden. A bit of a change of subject from his normal material, but I found it interesting.

2. Another regular with a great picture of Apex Corner Roundabout/subway being constructed

3. This is a nice touch. I really couldn't leave this one out, could I. Heroes all!

4. I post this as it's snowing. Funny to think that Totteridge looked like it was in Florida on Friday!

5. This is worrying. Booba's are a truly wonderful establishment. Hope all are OK and that the damage isn't too severe

6. I love this tweet, I hope you do as well. The architecture of the Underground is amazing

7. The Phoenix cinema is shut at the moment. When it reopens, lets hope that more special memories will be made.

8. Please drop in some donations. I spoke to them and they especially want UHT milk and jams etc

9. This is regrettable and sad. I look forward to when the Hadley family and the wider football family can get back together. Saturdays do not feel right, in any way shape or form

10. Music is one of the few things we can still enjoy during the lockdown. Why not check out some of the Mill Hill Music Complex playlists, compiled of music with strong Mill Hill connections. You might be surprised at just how many great songs have local connections

That's all folks

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