Saturday 28 August 2021

The Saturday List #319 - My top ten guitar accessories

 I thought I'd list my top ten guitar accessories that give me my unique sound. I play with a 1984 blond US Strat through a Peavely Valve amp. These are the bits and pieces that make it sound how I like it! I  have quite retro tastes in what I like to hear. The best sound I've ever got was when Hank Marvin let me have a go on his Fender Reverb twin that had been specially set up by Fender guitars for him. He wrote a little riff for me for a song we do called Not All She Seems. It has never sounded better than played on his Strat through his amp. His son Paul was our drummer for a while in 1979. It made me realised how you need good gear. I've had three different Fender Twin Reverbs but none sounded a patch on Hanks. Sadly when Paul left the band, the invites to the Marvin's for a jam stopped.

I think I've found my own sound now. I'm happy with it.

1. Ernie Ball Regular Slinky strings. I always used to play with Super Slinky's but have found that the regulars have a better tone for my style of play. 

2. A Yellow Dunlop Tortex plectrum.

3. An Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer

4. A Mooer Optical Compressor pedal

5. An Ibanez Phaser pedal

6. An Ibanez Digital Delay pedal.

7. A Fender guitar stand (if your guitar falls over it don't sound too good).

8. A Snark clip on Chromatic tuner

9. Stagg patch leads to link the pedals up

10. A Rotosound clip on tuner.

This little clip is the sound it makes

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