Friday 10 September 2021

Dahlia's and positive thoughts

 Words cannot contain my anger and disappointment at the news that the Railway Hotel in Edgware is burning to the ground as I write this. As I sit here, almost in tears, I thought "It could be worse, I could have cancer" then I remembered, yeah I've got that as well.

But we have a beautiful planet, the good Lord has made us custodians of this wonderful little Oasis of life in a barren universe. When I need reminding of how lucky we are, I just walk around my front garden. Unlike just about every other resident, I place a value on beauty above a car parking space. At this time of year, we have glorious dahlia's, there for the enjoyment of everyone, who cares to look.

It's Friday, so here is something of beauty. The world will be here long after we have turned to dust. Enjoy it.


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