Thursday 9 September 2021

Gavin Williamsons real job - Decoy in chief

 I had a theory about why Tony Blair had John Prescott as his Deputy Prime Minister. Back in 2014, I revealed what I thought Prescott's real job was "To me he is simply a middle class John Prescott. Most people remember Prescott as a bumbling stooge of a deputy Prime Minister, the buffoon to who acted as a merkin whilst Tony Blair did the real dirty business of government. " Many people got in touch to say that for the first time, they realised why Prescott was kept on.

Yesterday, Twitter went mad with a whole load of humourous posts following Williamson allegedly accidental mistaking of Maro Itoge for Marcus Rashford. 

The more I thought about it, the less likely it was that I could conceive that this was a real error. Politics is a dirty business. It was PMQ's and Boris was getting hammered for breaking two key election promises. I've met Maro Itoge on many occasions. He grew up in Mill Hill and is a regular at our church. He has given motivational speeches to local teenagers organised by the Church. You don't miss him. 

It could not be clearer that the whole thing was cooked up to get us looking the other way about the election promises being broken. It worked. I think many underrate the Machiavellian streak in Johnson, keeping on useless incompetents, happy to do his bidding when necessary. I'm sure Boris would consider it a bonus that Rashford, who massively embarrassed him, was insulted. That is the Tory Party of today.

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