Sunday 5 September 2021

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 5th September 2021

 I was recently asked what inspired me to start the tweets of the week and when it began. Oddly enough, it started  on the 5th April 2014 as a part of one of my other traditions, Saturday list #60 was The top ten most silly tweets in Barnet this week  I had a huge response and many people suggested that it become a regular feature. To start with, it was mostly poking fun at silly local political tweets. I soon realised that this was a rather dull category of Twitter and that if I had a 'no local politics' rule it could actually be a pretty good feature. I have sought to find and highlight great local tweeters and some have become friends over the years. Some weeks it is a joy putting this together and some weeks, a real struggle or not worth the bother, but generally I think it is a pretty damn good little feature. Just doing the research has dug up all sorts of things that I've found fascinating.  It has helped a few pretty good accounts reach a wider audience, and I regularly get messages from all sorts of people thanking me for introducing them to some great tweeters. Like all things, there is good and bad on Twitter. My advice is to simply block the bad and enjoy the good. It works for me. Today, I've done a special collection from accounts that are really well worth a follow. To me, these are community accounts that make a difference as well as being interesting and informative. 

Anyway, back to this week. Here is our pick of the tasty tweeters of Barnet.

1. If you want to learn about the amazing wildlife of the Totteridge Valley, why not do a guided walk with Samuel Levy, AKA @FInchleyBirder - Zach did it and clearly thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd recommend everyone follow Samuel as his tweets are wonderful

2. Another must follow account is the Mill Hill Historical society. A brilliant mine of interesting information

3 Another must follow account is Mark AMies @Time_NW account, which is always informative and fun. We've been plugging this account since it's first days and it is great to see that it has well over 3,000 followers now. A great source of historical images.

4. If Transport is your thing, I'd recommend Rob Morel's @13milepost. Rob is the go to man for Network Rail on the Thameslink line (although I'm sure he'd describe himself a bit differently). Usually the best place to find out what is really happening on the railways, but please don't ask him if the 15.29 from Hendon is on time!

5. Barnet's Libraries are brilliant. Mine is Mill Hill Library, they have a great twitter account. Please follow your local library

6. Another pretty good Mill Hill account is the @InsideMillHill account. Good local info and pictures

7. We have some brilliant local grassroots sport. Mill Hill Rugby club are one of our favourites. They are the good guys, a truly innovative club which is a key part of our community, make sure you follow your local club!

8. Of course if you prefer more evenly shaped balls, there is the wonderful Hadley FC, home of the 'Tennis Ball Challenge' and a very fine football team

9. and we must give a shout out to our local scout and guide groups. They do brilliant work. Although a couple of weeks old, this tweet just shows the amazing stuff they have going on. Make sure you follow and support your local groups

10 And finally, don't forget our wonderful artists and musicians!

That's all for this week folks

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