Sunday 21 November 2021

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 21/11/2021

 How's your week been? Mine has been pretty spiffing! Last night I saw one of the best gigs I've seen in a very long time. The legendary Average White Band at The Royal Festival Hall, who definitely still have it and can get even the most sedate of venues audiences on their feet.


On Friday I saw Joe Stilgoe at Pizza Express at Soho and tonight it's my old mate Zoe Rahman at Frith Manner school. All of these are part of the rather amazing London Jazz Festival. That's enough of me, what have the Tweeters of the London Borough of Barnet been up to?

1. I have a rule that I don't use this feature for making political points and I don't feature tweets from outside of the Borough of Barnet, but I will break it today. I saw this tweet and I was genuinely thrilled to see that Burnt Oak Market was returning. I then noticed that it wasn't the Burnt Oak market we all know and love. It was being staged by Harrow on their side of Burnt Oak High Street and rather oddly, they don't appear to be working with Barnet Council, who run the other side of the road. Really? Why can't these two organisations get together and make a proper event and when will we see a return of the real Burnt Oak market, that was the centre of the Burnt Oak community for decades. I'd love to see Barnet Council using it to encourage young entrepreneurs to start small businesses. Many of our best loved retailers started out as market stalls. Rant over

2. I think this is a wonderful picture of the former BR station at Edgware in 1956. This is now the Broadwalk shopping centre. It was a real act of vandalism to remove the link between Edgware and Mill Hill East and not encorporate it into the Northern Line. If it was open today, there would be a station at the StoneX stadium, negateing the need for a fleet of diesel powered buses to get the fans to the stadium, it would provide a useful interchange with Thameslink at Mill Hill and make travel across the Borough of Barnet far more straightforward.

3. IS this the worst and most dangerous bit of driving we have recorded on our local twitter feeds?

4. Did you know that bombers were made in Cricklewood in 1942? You do now!

5. Whilst we are in that neck of the woods, A major campaign to move freight from road to rail was recently launched in Cricklewood

6. Always enjoy contributions from Reel Streets

7. I'm gutted I missed this, it looked wonderful!

8. MR Amies has us very worried there for a minute. Not in Barnet, but a favourite post match dinner venue for many Barnet FC fans. I've been going since 1982. The slow cooked lamb shank is to die for, you have to order it 24 hours before.

9. We love the Welsh Harpies, you get to meet some really fun guys if you join them! (groan)

10. Nice!

That's all folks

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