Sunday 28 November 2021

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 28/11/2021

 Another busy week. I was up in York taking a break for a couple of days, went to see the rather fantabulous Stone Foundation on Friday night, watched the mighty Hadley FC win 4-0 and had a rather good Lamb Vindaloo from the Mill Hill Tandoori last night. How was your week? This is my pick of what the local tweeters have been up to.

1. My friends at Liberty UK released this video featuring yours truly this week. I am rather proud to have been asked to contribute. I don't normally choose tweets featuring myself, but this is rather important, so please have a look and if you agree with me, retweet this and tell your MP.

2. Dramatic pictures from Colindale. One has to wonder why people don't drive in a careful manner

3. A rather good piece from ur friend Mark Amies on the murals of Cricklewood station

4. Lorraine was feeling nostalgic when she saw this piccie. So am I now!

5. Did any of you see this rather magnificent machine passing through Cricklewood, Hendon or Mill Hill yesterday morning. It woke me up, but sadly the curtains were drawn!

6. To my mind, this is what a bookshop should look like. I must take a trip up to check it out

7. Unlike some local cemetaries, Golders Green is always impeccable and if you want to keep it like that, here's your chance!

8. Perhaps we should take a moment to reflect on what happens when refugees are demonised

9. I saw a rather good performance from our local team, Hadley FC yesterday. This was my pick of the goals.

10. Did you see Zoe Rahman at Frith Manor School last Sunday? If you didn't you missed a treat

That's all folks

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