Sunday 12 June 2022

The tweets of the week in the London borough of Barnet - 12th June 2022

 How has your week been? Mine has been hectic beyond belief! We started the Mill Hill Music Festival, we had a mass of equipment to check following the Jubilee festivities that had been on hire, I had to play five a side football, have a rehearsal for our bands performance last night, and I caught up with an old friend from Primary school who I last saw when I was eleven for a pint at The Claddagh Ring. As the Good Lord recommeded, on the seventh day I rested, well I did one I unloaded the van, took the dogs for a walk and did the Sunday shopping. The highlight of my week was doing my first gig with The False Dots since 13th December 2019, here is a brief clip for those who are interested.

More to the point, what have our local tweeters been up to? Here's my pick of the fun

1. Lets start with the roadworks on the A41

2. Fun in Cricklewood in 1922, it's changed a bit

3. A date for your diary

4. Are you a bloke? Live in Finchley? Wanna join a club?

5. Fun in Barnet

6. Air crash at Hendon!

7. Love a bit of local music history

8. This!

9. and this

10. And finally

That's all folks!

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