Wednesday 1 June 2022

Boris Johnsons government is making me embarrassed to be British

 I'm sorry. I am finding it very difficult to work up any enthusiasm for the Jubilee. Ten years ago, I was quite excited. We tried to watch the Queens river pageant (and failed miserably) and I wrote a review of the Queen's Jubilee Concert. I'm finding it hard to work up any enthusiasm this time. In 2012, with the Olympics, the Jubilee and our new studio block opening I was in a very happy and positive frame of mind and felt very proud to be British and celebrate her Maj's 60 years. Ten years on, I couldn't feel more different.  There is only one reason. The Government of Boris Johnson.

Why? The answer is quite simple. That man is a disgrace. It is not a political thing. I never felt the same way about Ted Heath, Margaret Thatcher, John Major or David Cameron. I did not agree with any of them. I felt the policies of all damaged Great Britain and the weakest, most vulnerable people, but I did not think the duplicitous liars. Their governments did not sign treaties then threaten to break them. They did not get find by the police for breaking the laws that they'd passed and implored us to follow every night on TV. They didn't tell the House of Commons that they were 'truly humbled' and then sit down and smirk, with an "I've got away with it" look on their faces. 

After the end of WW2 when the Nuremburg trials were held, probably the most important criminal trial of the 20th Century, possibly ever, the French, Russians and Americans agreed to hold it under the jurisdiction of UK law. The reason, the world respected us and knew justice would not only be done, but be seen to be done. Does anyone seriously believe that under Boris Johnson, we are viewed the same.  One aspect of Brexit that has not been mentioned is that we have little influence of the direction the EU takes. The French and Germans have little time for smaller Eastern nations that we would have stood up for. It is all very dispiriting and I simply cannot say I feel very proud of our nation right now. 

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