Sunday 4 June 2023

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet 4th July 2023

 So after a short week, it's back. I'll dispense with the usual formalities of my weekly round up, as regular readers will be all too familiar with them and if you want to know, read the rest of this weeks blogs. 

After a few days in Portugal, I did have a tasty curry at the Mill Hill Tandoori (as pictured) after the cup final. I think I need a new missus though, as she keeps telling me I order too much and yet the dishes are shiny clean when we've finished! Maybe we are just not suited!

We will launch right into the best tweets from our local tweeters

1. This is an event that you may be interested in Burnt Oak.

2. And whilst we are in Burnt Oak

3. Once more, MArk Amies is doing his bit to preserve our local heritage and once more we support him

4. Wanna know what the council think Edgware should look like in ten years? Best illustration I've seen

5. A date for the diary, this is always worth a visit.

6. Anyone for a round of golf? It's only a grass snake!

7. As ever, great local history from the team at the Mill Hill Historical Society

8. I was rather annoyed to miss this, I hope they do it again elsewhere

9. Now here's a question

10. Have you got your tickets yet?

That's all folky wokey's!

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