Friday 24 November 2023

Friday Fun 24th November 2023

As is the tradition in Barnet Blogs, we start with a Friday Joke. As is often the case, I am endebted to Mr Robert Wilkinson for the joke, a purveyor of fine Dad jokes. He's locked his account @robertwlk, so I can't embed it as usual, but he's worth a follow if you like some sillyness

Went for a run this morning but had to turn back after two minutes because I had forgotten something. Forgot I was a fat git who can't run.

More than a grain of truth in that for me. I'm nursing a very sore ankle at the moment. I had to stop playing football in March because of it!

Pic courtesy of @time_nw

As we are celebrating Dr Who this week, it warrants a mention of the 2nd Dr, Mill Hill Resident Patrick Troughton. His grandson Harry Melling, who is also a well known actor, starting his career as Dudley Dursley in the Harry Potter films. Harry's Dad Brian taught my suster Valerie art at Harrow School of Art and still buys guitar strings from us occasionally 

As for my cultural week. We binge watched "The Boat" that was rather good. It brought my mind back to when I was a teenager sitting in the Wimpy in Hendon with a mate (I'm endebted to @Time_NW for a pic of the spot)

We saw a bloke leave a carrier bag on the bench opposite. As we watched, someone else came and picked it up. My mate had considered pinching it before it was collected. Having watched The Boat, I'm glad he didn't. One of my nephews found a massive bag of weed in Mill Hill Park. He took it home and burned it (over the course of a few months with his mates). I don't think the owner ever reported it missing.

The band had a good week, we wrote a new song called "Rambo" - A celebration of our drummer discovering Mod culture through Quadrophenia. We think it's rather good.  We are hoping to premiere it at our forthcoming gig at The Dublin Castle on the 23rd December. 

And on to our music round up. 

Alan Linfoot Band gig at Butchers Arms
Alan Linfoot Band (Rock Covers & Original, 4 piece) at Butchers Arms, Barnet

The Looters gig at The Three Wishes
The Looters (60s / 70s covers, 5 piece) at The Three Wishes, Edgware 

UnderCovered gig at Maddens Bar
UnderCovered (Pop / Rock / Funk, 5 piece) at Maddens Bar, East Finchley 


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