Wednesday 22 November 2023

Who is responsible for persuading women that looking like a toilet plunger is sexy?

The older I get, the stranger the world gets. When I was a teenager, my no 1 crush was Lesley Ash. Any male around my age, who saw Quadrophenia will know why. Later in her career, she appeared in Men Behaving Badly. I wasn't really a fan of the show, but watched it as I enjoyed seeing her on the TV. Then one day I was reading the paper and I was absolutely gobsmacked to read that she was in intensive care, in a life threatening condition. She'd had plastic surgery and it had gone wrong. She ended up with what the tabloid press uncharitably dubbed a trout pout. I simply couldn't get my head around why she felt she needed the procedure. I do get that sometimes people feel very insecure about their looks, but whenever I see anyone who has had noticeable plastic surgery, to my eyes, they simply look a bit strange and mildly disturbing. I understand that some people, especially actresses of a certain age, want to hold back the process of ageing. If its your job and you see your earning potential declining, I get it. However what I simply don't get at all are the perfectly good looking young girls, who are getting all manner of fillers etc. Of course, it is up to them, but why do they think it is a sexy look? Do young blokes like such a fake and false look? When I was a teenager, most of the guys I knew were none to keen on girls who looked over made up, let alone mutilated in the name of beauty. It seems to me that the whole thing is highly unscrupulous. It feeds on young people's insecurities and I do wonder what the long term side effects of the various treatments will be. It seems that Leslie Ash has had long term problems associated with the silicone used in fillers. There is a term for toxic masculinity, where males develop rather ridiculous attitudes towards women. Should there be a similar term for whatever inspires perfectly good looking people to mutilate themselves.

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