Friday, 16 July 2010

The Barnet Eye war on Barnets spongers and parasites

Today the Barnet Eye declares war on the spongers and parasites of Barnet. Those people who's whole existence seems to be one of taking the piss at the expense of the taxpayer. We at the Barnet Eye believe that the taxpayers money is meant to be spent on providing good public services to the people of Barnet. We believe that taxpayers money should not be wasted on paying unnecessarily large allowances to people such as Brian Coleman (a man who earns over £100,000 per year for a string of part time,tax funded jobs and lives in a house provided by the church on a controlled rent, designed for people on low incomes).

We believe it is outrageous that Barnet's Tory Councillors have voted for huge payrises (100%) and we are committed to ensuring that all spongers and parasites such as these are put into the public spotlight. I must at this point commend Conservative Councillor Kate Salinger. Whilst I disagree with her politics, she has shown herself to be decent, honest and principled. It is sad to note that all of her colleagues took such exception to her refusal to abandon her principles that they sacked her from all her positions on committees. Presumably they couldn't trust her to do the right thing for the people of Barnet.

I have been informed that one of the committees she's been removed from is the one responsible for fostering. This committee has the power to have a major influence on the lives of young people. How on earth can our local Tories believe that refusal to sanction a payrise for your colleagues, on grounds of principle, means that you lack the judgement to advise on such issues. This matter above all others displays the complete lack of judgement of our current Tory cabinet. A report has reached me of a "last minute deal" to secure the vote of Graham Old. I believe that Graham Old has a moral duty to tell us what this deal was.

I am not alone in my campaign. I call on all bloggers in Barnet to join the war. I call on all Conservative party members to join the war. I call on all Councillors of the Labour and Lib Dem group to join the war. I call on all members of these parties as well the Greens and the Residents party to join the war. You may ask what you can do?

Well if you click on this link - -, you can find out the name, email address, telephone number and address of your local councillor. I suggest you contact them and tell them they are a disgrace. If you voted for them before, tell them that they have let you down. You are paying through the nose for them, so you have every right to contact them. They are your elected representative and it is there job.

You will be pleased to know that a Barnet Eye fifth columnist at Barnet Council has very kindly put up pictures of these spongers all over Barnet so you can recognise them. Of course the Barnet Eye would never advocate such childish actions as defacing these posters with the words "sponger", "Hypocrite" or "Parasite". This would be extremely naughty and we'd have to tell you all off. What we would do is encourage you to look very closely at the pictures so that if you see them out and about, you can take the opportunity to do what our posters say and tell them what you think of them. Brian Coleman has said publicly that you will be pleased that he's doubling his pay. I think you'd be doing Mr Coleman a grave disservice if you allowed him to carry on under this delusion.

Finally one word about the spongers and parasites of Barnet. One of  Barnets most idiotic and wet behind the ears Councillors, Tom Davey (who incidentally has not exactly ever sweated on a building site to earn his daily bread) suggested that poverty is the fault of the poor (rather odd for someone with a wealthy mummy to put him through college - how would he know?). Well as far as I'm concerned, the worst spongers and parasites are ones such as Mr Davey and his colleagues. They are well off, well educated and well connected. They don't need to ponce. They just do it out of complete bone idleness. They are in no position to lecture anyone on anything  (with the honourable exception of Kate Salinger, who has given us all a lesson in honesty, courage and decency).

************* Update **************
I've just noticed that former Edgware Tory Councillor Richard Weider has left a comment on the Not the Barnet Times blog stating that he's upset and disappointed with his former colleagues (apart from Kate Salinger). I've also had several more communications about Graham Old and his sudden conversion to troughing, having originally opposed it. None of the comments portray Mr Old in a good light. I am going to email him for a comment  - I will update on what I get back.


Broadway Blogger said...

This issue will DESTROY the BARNET CONSERVATIVES. The anger on the streets of Mill Hill is quite clear. I am sure it is the same everywhere else. Whilst we have to swallow massive tax hikes ( 20% VAT ) and cuts - our elected councillors have thought it fit to give themselves massive rises.......they need to go back and reflect on what the VOTERS are telling them or they will be thrown out at the next election.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

My sources have told me that Graham Old was going to resign as Deputy Whip as a matter of principle. No doubt a few more quid shoved in his face soon relieved him of that temptation.

Words fail me to express my true disgust at these revolting people. Apart from words beginning with the letter ‘c’ that is!

Mrs Angry said...

I urge everyone to email the Tory councillors of Barnet and tell them exactly, although of course politely,what you think of their behaviour. Or go and visit them in their surgeries. They are accountable to us for what they did, and we are entitled to individual explanations.

baarnett said...

Any analysis of possible outcomes for all this?

Let me ask you to hold your nose for a moment, and consider things from their point of view.

Presumably they were deluded enough to think they would get away with all this. They were not expecting the Barnet Bugle and Eye, and reawakened Not... to notice the lack of three days notice of their report. They also thought the stench from their decision would quickly subside.

That hasn't happened - so what to do now?

They could presumably hold out - they might get slaughtered at by-elections, but a lot can happen in four years, so they might think people would forget by 2014. The fire would smoulder on, though.

They could reverse the decision. That would fatally wound the Leader's authority. Would the bsck benchers rebel? Behind whom?

Er, I've run out of steam. Could anyone comment on this, and go further?

Mrs Angry said...

time to ask when Tory Party leadership is going to step in and force some sort of enquiry, oh and some 'discipline'?

Broadway Blogger said...

Time for them just to admit that they were unprepared for the public reaction and that they have listened and responded by revisiting the allowance issue at the next meeting and allowing a free vote.
This will then allow the TORY leadership to sort it out and stop them making fools of themselves.
This issue will certainly be top of the agenda at the next election in 4 years time. At a time of need this is the most awful thing to do when everyone else is facing massive cuts. If they have the GUTS then they must pull back from this.

baarnett said...

Isn't the Conservative Party too decentralised to IMPOSE anything from the PM's office? (That is one of its strengths.)

The Hillan/Coleman regime hasn't actually broken the law, just made a terrible political mistake (of duck-house proportions).

A free vote would be wonderful - presumably Hillan and Coleman would Hhave to still vote FOR the money, which would be a defeat for them, to savour from the public gallery!

However, a "free vote" would not really be that, for this lot, I suspect.

I think a WHIP is more likely to go on, to REVERSE the decision, and applying to all. That would be the only way to give political cover to Hillan and Coleman.

Oh, joy!

They are reaping what their miserable regime has sowed for the past few years in Barnet!

baarnett said...
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Don't Call Me Dave said...

I think baarnett is right that they (Hillan/Coleman/Tambourgreedy) probably thought it would all be forgotten by 2014. It is an established ‘rule’ in politics - get all your bad news out of the way in year one.

But the Conservatives have a big problem here because Boris is soon to start his electioneering for the 2012 Mayoralty and with Coleman’s GLA profile, it is likely to be a huge embarrassment for him.

Central Office does not normally like to get its hands dirty with ‘local’ difficulties but on this occasion I believe they will make an exception (a) because of the national coverage it has received and will continue to receive and (b) because there is a question mark over the legality of the decision.

Tony Blair knew that to stay in power he had to deal with the loony left. David Cameron will similarly have to deal with the rabid right.