Thursday, 7 July 2011

News of the World - RIP

I was astounded to hear that the News of The World will close after this weeks edition. I can only surmise that there are even more shocking revelations coming out. I won't miss the revolting rag


baarnett said...

Pity it won't be able to report the Secretary of State Eric Pickles today, slamming Barnet Council over the MetPro scandal, or Eric's praise of the "Bloggers of Barnet".

baarnett said...

I suppose we will have to get used to "The Sun on Sunday".

I see that the vicious and sordid "News International" has got a - wait for it - "Privacy Policy"!

(I like the "Why We Collect Your Data"!)

baarnett said...

(Sorry to hog your Comment column, Roger.)

I've just read James Murdoch's statement about the 'News of the World', and it reminded me of the various "Blue Peter" apologies there have been, over the years.

"What has happened was WRONG, and we are going to get a new puppy, to take your minds off it."

ainelivia said...

....Make no mistake, the Murdoch Empire is willing to sacrifice the little people's jobs to achieve it's goal.... is our Davy-Boy gonna get some cojones and put the brakes, nay a full stop on the BSkyB merger... it's the only thing that will leave him with some integrity in this whole sorry mess.... the paper that was only too happy to call for government resignations for wrong doing, but the rubenesque Ms Rebecca stays in her job.... as i've asked many times before who rules this country, the Gvt or Rupert....?

baarnett said...

ainelivia: Thinking about it, Vince ("I've got it in for Rupert Murcoch") Cable comes out of this, rather well, doesn't he?