Thursday, 6 February 2014

Hypocracy on the tube

I am disgusted by the attitude of both Bob Crowe and Boris Johnson to ordinary Londoners over the current tube strikes. Without us, neither would earn their six figure salary. They show us no respect, doubtless because they both claim taxis on expenses. Today I was unabled to attend the Passage, to make breakfast for Londons Homeless because of this ridiculously badly managed dispute. Needless to say neither Bob or Boris slept rough ir missed breakfast today. Ultimately the dispute will be resolved. Why cant this be done without making life miserable for the rest of us. It is not as if the tube is free.

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Anonymous said...

We regularly complain of no consultation in Barnet, and policies being foisted upon us without the courtesy of consultation. Which has recently resulted in hundreds of job losses fr local people, public servants who have served our community for many years being treated with contempt.

Surely the tube workers like Barnet residents have a right to be consulted, anf if the right wing London Mayor believes he is right, why does he refuse to engage with the representatives of tube workers.

For me the London Mayor carries the greater level of responsibility for the current strikes.