Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Chicken Coleman loses his bottle

I was asked by Keith Martin to appear in a "Question Time" style debate at Friern Barnet Library with Brian Coleman and Helen Michael last week. Given the pivotal role of Brian Coleman in helping Mike Freer MP, architect of One Barnet, to power, I felt that this was an excellent opportunity to try and get Mr Coleman to tell us the truth about the many fiascos he helped bring to pass.

The event was to raise money for the library, which is a registered charity. The good news is that I will be getting a free full English Breakfast at Cafe Buzz. I bet Helen Michael that Coleman would lose his bottle when he found out I'd agreed. Despite Coleman portraying himself as a political bruiser, I know for a fact that he is scared of engaing in a political debate with me, as he's always ended up looking foolish in the past. I locked horns with Coleman many times asking questions at Council meetings and invariably Coleman blew it. Despite all his bluster, he is a complete coward and lacks the intellect to defend his political views.

So it was no surprise today to be forwarded the following email. The only conclusion we can draw is that Brian Coleman is a complete coward.

From: Coleman, Cllr Brian []
Sent: 12 February 2014 10:43
To: keith martin

Can I make it quite clear that until I receive a letter from Ms Michael's lawyers I will not be appearing on any platform with her

I have no intention of appearing with Mr Tichbourne 

Although I am disappointed that Coleman will not be exposed, I am not sorry that I have missed the chance to spend an evening in his company. I didn't fancy the idea of having a bath in domestos, which I felt would be necessary to cleanse myself after spending time in his company.

Oddly Mr Coleman tweeted that he'd rather gouge his own eyes out than spend time in my company. This isn't true. In the past few months I've spent time at a charity lunch and private party with Mr Coleman. In both cases, there was a sumptuous dinner provided. It seems that Mr Coleman hangs his principles up with his coat when there is a tasty dinner to be scoffed.

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