Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Three things which you might want to think about this morning

Three things,

The Daily Mirror this morning is claiming that to date ATOS have judged that 158,000 sick people fit for work and the DWP have reversed the decisions ( ).

This is on top of the. Estimated 100,000 that have had their ATOS assessment overturned on appeal.

Apparently Barnet General Hospital A&E has been closed to admissions twice more last week.

Every single one of the 258,000 people affected by an ATOS decision is a human being. They have feelings. They have to make ends meet. Every single one of them has been put through emotional stress by the process. What sort of a government inflicts such trauma on a quarter of a million disabled people?

As to the situation at Barnet General. As the old lottery advert said "It could be you" having a heart attack and being turned away from A&E. When that happens, will you still think that a 1p a week tax cut was really a sensible policy?

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