Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Thieves close Friern Barnet Library

Friern Barnet Library
sadly, we have had tiles and flashing stolen from the roof and now have to close the library until at least Thursday due to flooding and damage to electrics. So no classes, no library. 
We will have to pay for the damages upfront and seek to be reimbursed by the London Borough of Barnet but we may also have to consider donations for a flood fund from you to help cover the costs. 
Many thanks in advance for your patience and understanding. Once things are back to normal, we will update you with the opening times and any information such as the need for fundraising.

Thank you

FBCL team

Library Closed until possibly Thursday

The above message was received by the Barnet Eye from the trustees of Friern Barnet Community Library. We urge anyone who may know of who perpetrated this crime to report it to the Police. This is a theft from our community. The anti social elements who damage public property should not be excused. In effect anyone turning a blind eye to such behaviour is as culpable ad the thieves who performed the crime.

This theft has closed a much loved community asset, causing damage way beyond the amount the thieves will receive for the scrap value. Every day travellers around the UK are inconvenienced by similar anti social thefts from the rail network. I happen to believe that anyone involved in the crime should be made jointly and equally liable for all the costs associated with their vandalism. 

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