Friday, 28 February 2014

Who is to blame for the A&E Crisis in the NHS in Barnet?

So who is to blame for the A&E crisis in Barnet. This weeks Barnet Press is full of horror stories, check it out. Ambulences turned away, failure to treat people within four hours and operations cancelled due to shortage of intensive care beds. The question of who to blame is quite easy to answer. Lets draw an analogy.

Just suppose you want an extension built on your house. Two builders come. One is highly recommended by friends and has a good reputation. He quotes you £100,000. Then someone knocks on your door and persuades you he can do it for £80,000. You think "£20,000 is a huge saving, I can buy a new car with that". So you go with Mr doorknocker. His workmen don't have the right tools, they are not skilled craftsmen, they tell you he pays peanuts, even though he drives a brand new Jag. The materials are not quality brands such as Dulux paints, but the cheapest possible alternative. The extension ends up looking like a cowshed and the building inspector condemns it as unsafe.

Who is to blame for the mess? The answer is you are. You tried to save a few quid and it all went wrong. The answer is the same with the NHS. In Barnet we replaced two Labour MP's with two Tory MP's at the last election. Neither said a dickiebird about the closure of Chase Farm A&E that has caused the problem. We all know what Tories think of the NHS. So if you vote for them and you end up on a trolley, don't complain

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