Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Lazy Tory MP update

On Sunday we revealed that my lazy local MP, Matthew Offord hadn't bothered to sign a single early day motion. I was contacted by a expert on transport who pointed out that Hendon constituency has a large population of commuters. In the past few years there have been huge issues with both Thameslink and the Northern Line. These local services have been under huge strain. There has been a proposal to alleviate the strain by building the Brent Cross Light Railway. The heart of this service would be in Hendon, it would add a station for the RAF museum and the large development there, linking it to Brent Cross. It would also connect the East and West branches of the Northern Line and give a huge boost to the local community.

My correspondent says that Mr Offord has offered no support on this matter and has no interest in the project. He has had nothing at all to say on the issue of the Brent Cross redevelopment and the transport issues surrounding this. Surely we need an MP who cares about the issues that affect his constituency and the real issues that affect the lives of his constituents?


Anonymous said...

No matter your politics Andrew Dismore was a hard working MP for every member of his catchment area, both haves and have nots red yellow or blue.

Only beaten by a hundred plus votes by the useless layabout Offord who can't even be civil to constituents who do not support his point of view, and as a consequence refuses to represent them properly by repeatedly supporting the Tory party line.Even on something as evil as the bedroom tax that is destroying the lives of so many of his constituents , a vast majority of whom are severely disabled.

I have no doubt the lazy Offord will be replaced by the hard working Dismore at the next election

Anonymous said...

The closure of the Church Farmhouse Museum was early in Offord's tenure. I wrote to him and didn't even receive the courtesy of an acknowledgement. Now the building is being left to rot. Thanks for your concern Matthew.

I have written to both Offord's predecessors; Andrew Dismore (Lab) and the late John Gorst (Con) and while I didn't always agree with the response, I always received a full and polite reply. So I shall certainly be Offing Offord at the next election...anf the ludicrous dog!