Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Councillor Maureen Braun is surprised by the Barnet Council Leaders behaviour

Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with Hendon Tory Councillor Maureen Braun. She was the chair of the Hendon & district planning committee, who broke her own rules to erect a huge shed in her own garden in breach of planning rules. Many people in Barnet were not impressed with how the good councillor dealt with matters surrounding her erection, not least her neighbours.

It seems that she's all heart are Mo. At a recent council meeting, she seemed rather surprised that her boss, Leader of the Council Richard Cornelius thinks the lowest paid workers in Barnet should as a minimum be paid a living wage. 

Here is her question from the Council meeting on 5th November and Richard Cornelius response. Perhaps less surprising is the fact that Braun voted in favour of the huge allowance hike for councillors, which was the first action of the incoming Tory regime in 2010 (as did Mr Cornelius). Those words "we are all in it together" come to mind. 

Isn't it rather sad that such plutocrats resent even the smallest amount of efforts to help the lowest paid workers in their organisation.

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