Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Saturday List #54 - The perfect day in the Borough of Barnet !

A Saturday list with a difference.  This list is a chronologically correct list of the things which would constitute a perfect day in the London Borough of Barnet.

1. Get up early and have a cup of tea on my patio, before the Sun rises.

2. Take the dogs out on a long walk across the Totteridge Valley, watching a beautiful sunrise.

3. Drop the dogs off at home and make my way to Cafe Buzz in Finchley, for one of Helens marvellous full English breakfasts, with a leisurely read of the papers.

4. Nip back to the RAF museum in Hendon to have a look around the latest exhibits and displays.

5.  A trip up to the Adam & Eve pub in Mill Hill for a couple of pints and a bite to eat.

6. Make my way over to the Phoenix Cinema in Finchley to watch a matinee performance of one of my favourite films.

7. After the cinema, make my way back home to pick up the mutts for their late afternoon walk around Mill Hill, Sneak into the Railway in Mill Hill for a cheeky half of Guinness.

8.Drop off the doggies at home and then make my way to the Mill Hill Observatory for a an open day and observe the Planets Mars and Saturn through the large telescope.

9. Then nip in to the Mill Hill Services club for a game of Snooker and a couple more swifties.

10. Off to the Day of the Raj or the Mill Hill Tandoori (I love them both) for a fine curry.

11. Just before closing time, nip into the Bridge Pub for a nitecap and stick Rebel Rebel by David Bowie on the Jukebox.
This would be as close to a perfect day in Barnet as I could imagine. Of course there are plenty of other things to do, places to go and food to eat. I should say that prior to last Summer a trip to Barnet FC to watch them play Manchester City FC in the FA cup would have been in there as well, but as Barnet no longer live here, I can't. What would be your perfect Barnet Saturday list.

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Nick said...

Not so sure about Mill Hill Tandoori - much though I love the place, it sadly isn't what it used to be.