Sunday, 23 November 2014

*** Updated *** Is Hendon MP Matthew Offord starting a new career as a celebrity tweeter?

*** Updated 23/11/2014 *** Since this blog was posted, it appears that Mr Offord has deleted the Tweet. Many thanks to the @TweetsMPsDelete for preserving the tweet for posterity!

DT : Yasmin Le Bon, 50 and Christy Turlington, 45, match in green ...
No word from Mr Offord as to whether he's given up on the idea of being a celebrity tweeter? Was his accounted hacked, or has  he got another secret persona that he uses for keeping up with the celebs that he forgot to switch to? The mind boggles.
 ***** Ends

So what does a politician do when the electorate kicks them out? It's OK if you are Tony Blair and you can get JP Morgan to pay you five million quid a year as a special advisor. You won't have Cherie in your lug hole demanding to know where the next Bugatti is coming from. But what if you are a bit of a nonentity who nobody has ever heard of? Well life moves on and in this day and age of social media there are all manner of things a politician can do once he's twigged that he doesn't cut the mustard and the public don't like him. Ex Councillor Robert Rams, who got kicked out in May despite holding a formerly safe Tory stronghold in East Barnet has lead the way with his new career as a wrestling blogger  - - the Barnet Eye has to grudgingly admit that Robert is a far better Wrestling Blogger than he ever was a politician, but I guess that wasn't too hard an ask really.

Very sensibly, another soon to be dumped local Politician - Hendon MP Matthew Offord seems to be learning from Robert. It seems like Matthew is carving out a career as a Celebrity Tweeter!

It is a shame that Matthew seems to be neglecting his day job, which is representing his constituents. Take his last tweet on the subject of Thameslink dated 12th November

Thameslink consultation on proposed off peak timetable to be be introduced in December 2015. Have your say at

If Matthew had bothered to read the guest blog, posted the same day by rail expert and chair of the Mill Hill residents association Richard Logue, he'd realise that this consultation is fatally flawed. Despite affecting Mill Hill with removal of many services, Govia, the new franchise operator have not bothered to actually include the draft timetable they are consulting on. As Richard recently tweeted

. there is no proposed timetable for Mill Hill in the consultation document for Dec 2015 timetable please rectify this

The new Thameslink franchise has been a constant source of pain for local residents many of whom have made Matthew aware of this on Twitter. Here are just a few of the messages he's received.

I hope and are aware of the ongoing problems with train service.

hi Matthew hope all ok. Are you able to look into the running of the new thameslink franchise. It is awful. Delay after delay. Ta!

are you aware that it seems are making a bigger hash than First Capital Connect?

 My advice to Matthew is this. It is all very well planning your new career as a celebrity tweeter, but please concentrate on your day job until next May. The new Thameslink franchise is a major concern for your constituents so get off the celeb sites and sort it out! If you have time t tweet about Yasmin and Christine, you have time to get on the case with Thameslink

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