Thursday, 13 November 2014

Mill Hill Neighbourhood forum consultation

So tonight we had the first of a series of consultations being held by the Mill Hill Neighbourhood forum to try and shape a neighbourhood plan. 

The meeting started with MHNF chair John Gillette giving an explanation of what the forum was and what it could do.

Then we had question time. This kicked off with a question about the closure of Mill Hill library. Mr Gillette informed as that on 18 Nov between 2-5 there will be a Barnet Council consultation at the library. Mr Gillette then spoke about how Mill Hill Shops needed to specialise to survive. He then mentioned a cheese shop in Surrey as example of niche retailer. Regular blog readers will know that it has long been an ambition of local MP Dr Offord to get a cheese shop in Mill Hill. Has Dr Offord been discussing this with Mr Gillette by any chance? Another idea Mr Gillette mentioned was a Saturday market 8 Times a year.  From floor suggestion of car boot sale in was mooted as an alternative. Mill Hill Car Park was suggested as avenue. 

On the subject of library's, one question from floor raised the issue of the 55+ group who meet on Thursday at Mill I'll Library. A resident of Sunny Hill Gardens asked Will there be a railway on old hale branch of the Northern line. As this was at the bottom of his garden he rather hoped not.

Another resident mentioned shops losing turnover due to lack of parking. Another mentioned how Radlett has free parking. 

Next we had Andrew Dismore. TFL are consulting on new bus route through Mill Hill East. a resident mentioned  that he  Cycles on the disused railway. Another mentioned Two urgent priorities. Overdevelopment in Mill Hill East. The other npriority is protecting the Ridgeway. Another resident mentioned more than 50% of Mill Hill is green. Better access to green belt is required. 

Mr Gillette said 35,000 people live in Mil Hill. A questioner asked whether the Exterior of Mill Hill Station could be improved. Another asked Why doesn't Barnet restrict speed on M1to 50mph. Andrew Dismore said highways authority issue., not Barnet Council. Another resident complained Wise Lane is dangerous for pedestrians. another question concerned Anywhat is being planned for library. Close, sell off, or reduce in Garden Suburb model was the answer. A question was asked about Daws Lane sea cadet centre and plans for the building. The issue of traffic noise from  M1 was raised. Appalling noise problem will scupper any plans was the consensus of the meeting. Health was a big topic. Millway surgery is going from 18000 to 25000 patients with partner numbers going from 18to 20. (Total of 39 staff). Another solution is  Longer. Mr Gillett also noted that there is a private medical practice in Page Street. Mr Dismore noted that many streets in Camden had 20 mph. Mr Dismore also informed us that he'd got speed limit reduced to 50 mph on. A1. He suggested the medical Research building shoulld be listed as iconic building. He  also stated that due to the squeeze on NHS finances, Gps get no money in advance of population increases, so can't gear up when large developments occur in neighbourhoods. He mentioned that Barnet NHS has a 17 million deficit hence NHS services are in a mess and needs more resources.

All in all the meeting was well attended with some interesting points raised. As a community we need to get involved so this is clearly a step in the right direction.

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