Friday, 28 November 2014

The Friday Joke 28/11/2014 - UKIP can't tell a Cathedral from a Mosque

Earlier this year I visited Westminster Cathedral and posted this tweet

Visiting Westminster Cathedral. Saw this. A timely reminder as to why I wont be voting
Little could I imagine that the cathedral would form the centre of a Twitter storm, as Nigel Farage's UKIP branch mistook the Cathedral for a Mosque! The Guardian tells the full story here

It seems that the BBC were doing a straw poll outside the Cathedral on whether Nigel Farage has what it takes to be Prime Minister outside the Cathedral, and UKIP took exception to this.

Of course we all make mistakes. I suppose that it is quite easy to mistake the largest Roman Catholic Cathedral in the UK for a mosque if you are a bit dim. Luckily it seems that the people of Great Britain are only too happy to help to educate UKIP as to exactly what isn't a Mosque, to avoid further embarrassments. If you do a twitter search under #Thingsthatarenotmosques - Check it out (especially if you are a UKIPper and want to avoid embarrassment).

Here are a few of my favourites.

Nigel! Oh No! moley345: RT sturdyAlex: Nigel_Farage

- It does contain palm trees, so could be confusing... 

Moscow is a city not a design & build company specialising in mosques

Finally, we thought we'd add our own picture from Mill Hill, just in case!!!

Just in case there are any confused members in Mill Hill, this isn't

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