Saturday, 1 November 2014

Rog T's Top Travel Tips

So today I return to London after a two week trip to Agra, New Dehli and Pune in India.nit has been an absolute blast. I'm whiling away some time in the business lounge at terminal 2 at Mumbai Airport, which is very impressive. I thought I'd share a few travel tips with you.

1. Always carry 2 wallets/purses. Never throw out old credit/debit cards. Keep a couple in a wallet with a couple of low denomination notes. If you are mugged, offer this low value wallet. Muggers know travellers carry credit cards so this will convince them that it is your real wallet. Keep the other wallet less accessible.

2. Never change money at hotels/ airports unless you have to. We found the £ - Rupee rate at these was between 85 & 93. At a local Thomas Cook fx office in Pune we got 98.

3. If you book a tour etc, get a confirmation of exactly what is included. Ask how much cash you will need. I would suggest you stipulate you don't want to go to factory outlet shops as well and get this written into any itinery. You end up wasting precious time being given hard sell to buy expensive items you don't want.

4. Do your homework. When selecting a hotel check which district it is in. Often cheaper hotels are nowhere near where you want to go. When you factor in transport and time costs to the places you want to see, often you find you've saved nothing.

5. If the hotel offers you the choice between settling credit card bill in local currency or your home currency choose local. The rate is invariably much better as you pay bank interchange rates, rather than hotel commission rates.

6. Always take a bottle of water on the plane for takeoff and landing. Swallowing water is the best way to relieve ear pain due to pressure differences. Take small gulps regularly.

7. If you are flying business or first class for the first time, make sure you use the lounge. This has complimentary food drink and wifi, so you don't need to buy these at the shops.

8. If you are buying items in duty free, make sure they are actually cheaper than at home. If buying electrical items, especially in USA make sure they operate at UK voltage and have suitable power supply.

9. Always carry a couple of packets of tissues when travelling in developing countries. I won't say why but can assure you that you may be very glad you did!

10. Check the terms of your mobile & Internet coverage before you go. Wherever possible use free wifi hotspots. This may save a fortune.

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