Saturday, 22 November 2014

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet -22/11/2014

Here's the blog you've been waiting all week for !!!!!

1. Much to our surprise, the tweet of the week is from Mike Freer MP. This is a cracker! I didn't know Mike could be so witty!

Wonder if Mark Reckless has discussed deporting Mrs Farage. Isn't she German?

2.  And the runner up is from the Tweets MP's delete account. We already covered this, but it is now preserved for posterity. Matthew Offord MP at his best !
DT : Yasmin Le Bon, 50 and Christy Turlington, 45, match in green ...

 3. A beautiful sunrise over North Finchley - our phototweet of the week !

Beautiful sunrise today. 
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4. Mr Mustard tells us how good he's got at winning parking fine appeals

have contested 198 PCN in 2014, lost 4, won 194 (and told a dozen people just to pay up). Next year will be different. Educational year 4u

5. Deputy Leader of Barnet Council gives us a nice picture of him and his boss
With at City Hall earlier today to progress Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration


6. The Dark Lord of Barnet decries the puzzled music policy of Barnet Pubs

No bands playing in Barnet on Friday night but two pubs competing for local live music fans tonight - makes no sense!

7. Mose Fanfan with an international mega hit recorded in Mill Hill. Have a listen, you'll recognise it - Africa Moto 

Recognise this worldwide hit Africa Moto by Mose Fanfan - recorded at Mill Hill Music Complex

8. Disturbing signs that Barnet Labour have learned nothing from the May2014 Council election debacle

Strong support for & on the phones tonight. Childs Hill turning from yellow & blue into a nice shade of red!

9. Great ariel pictures of Edgware

10. And finally..... Is there no end to the Computer problems at Barnet Council?

The Barnet committee papers site is out of service temporarily. Our supplier is working to resolve this problem ASAP

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