Sunday, 2 November 2014

Barnet Council launches historic picture service

There is an interesting news story on the Barnet Council website detailing a new service where you can buy historic prints from the Council website
Published Wednesday 29 October 2014
Residents now have access to more than 500 extraordinary images detailing Barnet’s rich and varied history, dating from as far back as the 1800s.
Barnet Council’s Heritage Team, with the help of volunteers, has been digitally capturing thousands of images from the council’s picture collection. Now many of those images are available as high quality prints from the council’s picture database,, in various sizes, from a small postcard to larger 20” X 16” prints. 

One of the highlights of the database is an image taken in 1910 of Cheridah de Beauvoir Stocks sitting in a vintage aeroplane at Hendon Aerodrome. Mrs de Beauvoir Stokes was only the second British woman to earn her pilot’s licence and she did so at the age of 24.

Another remarkable image is of a group picture of Navvies taken in the 1900s. These Irish labourers laid the tram track which ran from Archway to High Barnet. It opened up Barnet for suburban settlement, and was the first mass transport into London. 

Hugh Petrie, Barnet Council’s Heritage Development Officer, said: “The images remind us of how rich and diverse Barnet’s history is, and over the coming months we will be including hundreds more. With Christmas around the corner, I am sure that many of the pictures will make wonderful gifts for many across Barnet and the rest of the world.”

Use the search option to have a look at some fascinating pictures from your neck of the woods. There is a nice one of Bunns Lane before our studios were built!

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Mrs Angry said...

The sad thing about this is is that these images - mysteriously withdrawn from the online archives not so long ago - are now only available at an astronomical fee, and cannot even be viewed properly due to the intrusive watermark.Yet another example of Barnet Tories only interested in our heritage when they can sell it.