Thursday, 20 November 2014

England fans and the IRA

It seems there is a huge uproar about England fans chanting F**** the IRA at the game vs Scotland. As someone who is both an England fan and from a strongly republican Irish family I am bemused. Whilst in a perfect world we'd all get on great, if the worst problem in football is a few people singing nasty songs against an organisation that waged a war against the country for decades, killing thousands of people, then we have moved a long way. I doubt that Gerry Adams gives a stuff what England fans think. In fact he'd probablybe more worried if they liked him. The only aspect of the uproar which bothers me is that it makes kids think football and swearing go hand in hand.I know parents who dont take kids for this reason. The fans damage the game by making it a hostile environment. That is the real problem. Standing on a terrace makes people think they can behave badly. To me that has nothing to do with football.

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caroline said...

Was the referee a Wenger?