Saturday 26 December 2015

Boxing Day Bucket List - I say aim high!

Lets have some festive fun! I thought I'd put together a festive fun bucket list. Here's a top twenty things I'd really love to do before I croak. I've set the bar pretty high though, so it may be difficult.

1. Look at Planet Earth through a telescope from another planet.
2. Stage a gig for the Mill Hill Music Festival featuring both of the might Boz's - Mr Scaggs and Boorer
3. Open a brewery and have a Mill Hill Stout in the range (dedicated to my mum of course)
4. Reopen Darlands Lake as a boating lake
5. Open a decent wine bar in Mill Hill Broadway
6. Open a decent Fish and Chippy in Mill Hill Broadway (I miss La Carp D'Ora )
7. Open a decent music venue in or near  Mill Hill Broadway
8. Reopen Woolworths in Mill Hill Broadway
9. Stage a Mill Hill Festival of Food and Drink
10. See Barnet FC move to Copthall
11. See the North London Light Railway opened, linking Finchley Central to Brent Cross via Mill Hill and Hendon (with a stop for Saracens at Allianz Park)
12. Reinstate pay and display cash parking machines in our High Streets
13. Design and install sound deadening panels for the M1 motorway through Mill Hill, reducing noise pollution by 30% and giving us a decent nights sleep.
14. Get the London Mayor to take proper responsibility and deal with air quality in Mill Hill Broadway Bus station  (the place with the worst measured air quality in Western Europe, where hundreds of school children breath noxious and dangerous fumes every day)
15. Stage a gig inside Apex Corner Roundabout
16. Reopen Mill Hill Open Air Swimming Pool (which should never have been shut in 1983 as the land was bequeathed to the people of Barnet to be used as a swimming pool).
17. See the footpaths improved in Arrendene open space so it is possible to walk dogs through the fields at this time of the year
18. See Dr Matthew Offord MP recognise his dream and open a good cheese shop in Mill Hill
19. See a good fishmonger open in Mill Hill Broadway
20. Watch Manchester City lift the Champions League Trophy

If I could see all of those things I think I'd be able to die very happy and I think Mill Hill would be a much better place to live in. It's sad really how many of the things are simply putting back things which have been lost.

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