Monday 21 December 2015

Refugees in Barnet this Christmas

I saw a note in the Sacred Heart Parish magazine this weekend which struck a bit of a chord. It said

Knights of Columba Christmas Mile 10.00: This year the Knights are responding to the call of Pope Francis and are asking for sponsors to run or walk on their Christmas Mile on Christmas Morning at Mill Hill Park. The funds will be donated to assist Sacred Heart Parish to respond to the plight of the refugees.

I immedately thought what a marvellous idea. Christmas is the start of a story of a baby who became a refugee, fleeing to Nazereth, to escape persecution at the hands of an unjust King. Whether or not you believe the story, the sad truth is that in the Middle East many babies are having to flee. We saw the sad death earlier in the year of a young boy, who fell into the sea from a dodgy boat. For a small period, we all got back in touch with our humanity.

Whether or not you want to join the Knights of Columba, do your own walk, or just make a donation to help refugees in our neighbourhood, please give it a thought. The Barnet Refugee service is an excellent charit -

Their website says this

Welcome to Barnet Refugee Service

BRS is an independent registered charity working to improve the quality of life for refugees and asylum seekers who live, work or study within Barnet and surrounding London boroughs. We work in partnership with local agencies and the greater community to promote the physical, social and mental well-being of our clients. We do this by working to reduce health inequalities, social exclusion and poverty that overwhelm this group of individuals.

 Please give it a bit of thought.

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