Wednesday 9 December 2015

Donald Trump - The most dangerous fanatic on the planet?

What do ISIS want?  They want to create a fundamentantalist Caliphate and have a war between Muslims and Infidels. For them to realise this insane dream, they need western leaders to abandon sense and reason and play the game which ISIS are trying to start. It has been estimated that 0.03%  of the 1.5 billion Muslims on the planet support such an agenda. This is probalby a lower number than the % of US fundamentalist Christians that support bombing family planning clinics. I do not want to play the politics of division, but blaming decent, law abiding Muslims for the actions of the mad, bad fringe is not only stupid, but it is devisive and dangerous. On Monday evening myself and my wife happened to be having  a drink with a friend who is the chairman of a Mosque. He was telling us that when his children were small, he'd put up a Christmas tree and they would get presents. He said that this was because it was part of the English culture. He has friends of all faiths and says that it  is his faith that ensures he treats everyone with respect. His view is that life is full of enough owes and worries without making artifical divisions. He does not drink or smoke, but accepts people from other cultures do. He is absolutely typical of British Muslims. He abhors ISIS  and their creed.

Yet despite this, if Donald Trump gets  his way, he will not be able to visit his sister in Atlanta. Despite the fact that he has visited the US on numerous occasions and that his sister has paid tax for 20 years, without commiting a crime or even getting a parking ticket. He is criminalised in the mind of Donald Trump as a threat. Mr Trump has taken to lying about Muslims and lying about London. He claims London has "no go  areas" for the Police, where Sharia Law rules. This is nonsense. I am a Londoner, I have many friends in the Police. I spoke to one yesterday and asked what he thought. His response is that "Trump is talking B****Ks".  There are areas with problems, but he said that there are worse areas than the predominantly Muslim areas and more frightening things than visiting Mosques in the job.

The derision that have greeted Trumps comments are nearly universal. In London, they are met with total incredulity. I live and work in London. There is nowhere I'd fear visiting, apart from one or two dodgy pubs. Like all citys random viloence can happen, but as the UK does not have the stupid gun laws of the USA, at least I don't fear random shootings.

Trump is a dangerous man. His blatherings spread fear and division and amazingly a substancial number of US citizens believe him. He is too stupid to see that he is playing into the hands of ISIS. His  policies would alienate the decent Muslim population and would spread fear and loathing. As far as I am concerned, he is far more dangerous than ISIS.  The fact that he has chosen to lie about the city I live in and the city I love  is the icing on the cake. If he ever becomes president of the USA, I suspect the world will become a very dangerous place.

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