Saturday 26 December 2015

The Tweets of the Week in the London Borough of Barnet - 26/12/2015

Here they are, we know you've all been waiting!

1. This has to be the tweet of the week in our neighbourhood. I am sure any of us would have been proud to post this! Well done to Tai

Burnt Oak smuggle in their meat? Bye
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2. Any Expats from our neck of the woods may find this tweet and the associated video rather interesting. Some nice views of Mill Hill

I added a video to a playlist [British Bus Rides] Metroline 240 Edgware to Golders Green.

3. Wheely19 asks a question a few of us have been wondering
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4. This one from ShepMichaels raised a bit of a smile

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5. Have to agree with Ian Dunn.
6. Huw Price doesn't seem to have much sympathy for slightly short sight motorists

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7. YEs James, indeed

8. Aditiya Chakrabortty recognised a true hero from our community in The Guardian

9. Pleased to see that our Barnet Charity of The Year were pretty made up to win!

SO excited to be awarded 'Barnet Charity of the Year' by -THANK YOU 👏 (thanks for nominating) 
10. And it seems our choice of Barnet Event of the Year was well received as well
Really pleased that was awarded 2015's best event in Barnet awards last night. Thanks to the judges.

------------------------- Thats All Folks - The Next Tweets of the week will be in 2016 ------------

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