Thursday 24 December 2015

Christmas Greetings from The False Dots

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The False Dots Christmas Show at The Chandos Arms
Most Barnet Eye readers know me as Rog T, the Barnet Blogger. Many also know I play guitar and write songs in a band called The False Dots. We write 'songs of love and war'. This year has been a great year for us. I am blessed to work with fantastic people and I'd urge everyone to make music, whether it is in a band a choir, an orchestra or even with your friends around the camp fire! It will make you happier and healthier. Here is our band Christmas Message to all our friends.

A very merry Xmas to all our friends.
We look forward to the New Year. It will be a special year for The False Dots. We will be releasing our Album "Songs of Love and War" in the spring. We've already started working on the follow up project! 2015 has been a great year for the band. We've had some cracking shows, notably at The Fiddlers Elbow in Camden, The Chandos Arms in Colindale and The Midland Hotel in Hendon. We've written and recorded some classic new tracks with"Please Myself" perhaps being the pick of the bunch. We also released our first video of Winter in Your Heart, which I think is a classic, if you haven't already seen it, have a look. 

I think that is the strength of the songwriting partnership I have with Allen. We both really love writing songs that capture the important emotions in our life. e I've ever met. He's engineered all of our recordings and watching him leap off tables on Friday just summed up his sheer joy of performing. Graham on drums has always been a fine drummer. It can be hard for a drummer to make too much impact on a band, but Graham is one of the most dynamic and original drummers I've ever seen. He brings something to the music which is simply irreplacable.We are also blessed to have Fil on bass. He is one of the most musically talented peoplPlaying in a band has always been a very special thing for me.

Playing with Allen Ashley, Fil Ross and Graham Ramsay is a privelidge and an honour, as well as a lot of fun. I've played with many musicians over the years, but to work with three other people so committed to making great music and who always give 100% to ensure every show is as good as possible is just amazing. There have been many small things which have made me proud of what we do, one example that springs to mind was at the recent gig at The Chandos. After we played a chap came up to me and said "That football song you do (Saturday) is the best song about football I've ever heard. I've come down to watch Huddersfield play tomorrow and its the first song that captures what it is really like to be a fan". For me as a musician and a writer such moments are as high an accolade as can be given. It says in the Koran "To Save One Person is to Save The whole world". I honestly believe that being a musician has saved me, that is why as a band we have fought so hard for music, musicians and music venues, and are proud to support the Save London Music campaign. Music is something that can change your mood, change your day and change your life for the better. That is why I believe it to be so important. What would Christmas be like without the carols, a far less joyous occasion no doubt? It is all part of a wider picture which is why it is vital that musicians of all genres and styles are supported. The False Dots work hard to avoid being pigeonholed. The gigs we've promoted this year have included African music bands and Brazilian Bossa Nova musicians to name a few styles. We yearn for the glory days of Top of The Pops, when the whole family would watch music together and see an eclectic mix of artists and styles, rather than today where each genre has its own narrow minded channel.

As a band, we are musically promiscuous. Allen works with First Edition, who do great Jazz and Poetry Shows. Fil plays lead guitar and sings with Rock and Roll Sons and Graham plays drums in a great party band called Tell The Others. We are all driven individuals on a mission!

I believe that music has the power to overcome social and personal barriers between people. It brings people together and is the soundtrack to our lives. As a band, we work tirelessly to promote the values of love, peace and community. We are al tremendously proud of the work we do and we hope that we've brought some joy into your heart this year.

We'd all like to wish all of our friends a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful safe and Happy New Year.

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