Wednesday, 12 October 2016

So what exactly did we vote for in the EU referendum?

It becomes clearer every day that David Cameron has shafted the UK. Cameron and the establishment never expected an 'Out' vote so they negligently never put on the table what an out vote entailed.

Now a bunch of right wing fanatics have set about cobbling together a set of policies to indulge their little Englanders fantasies, with no regard to the good of the country. Theresa May has pulled off the seemingly impossible task of losing two #PMQ's in a row to Jeremy Corbyn, managing to make Corbyn seem like a statesman of gravitas, whilst she flounders to deliver scripted gags that aren't funny.

The country voted to 'leave the EU'. The trouble is that no one knows what that actually means for business or for private citizens. May has made the problem worse by committing to complete the process by the spring of 2019 (if you believe her Tory party speech). 

Now none of that would be a problem if there was a strategy or a plan, but there isn't. We don't know what the priorities are. May seems to think free movement of labour being abolished is the key, but she won't let Parliament vote on this.

What we do know is that the pound is sinking like the Titanic in a sea of indecision.

May is being quite utterly stupid. The whole crisis is of her making. She should have set up a Royal Commission to examine our relationship with Europe and produce a reasoned report detailing the shape of our new solution. She should have given the commission 18 months to conclude its work, then given Parliamet a vote on it. Once this was adopted, the public should have been given the opportunity in a referendum to endorse it.

Then we would serve article 60 and enact it. No arguments. But that would be sane and rational, wouldn't it. If the Brexiters are so convinced they have a mandate and they drew it up, surely they would believe voters would love it?

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