Sunday 16 October 2016

The Tweets of the Week in The London Borough of Barnet - 16/10/2016

What a week. There have been some great tweets. But before we get into all that, an invite -
Please join us on Friday for the Barnet Eye's 8th Birthday party!

So without further ado, here we go!

1. This has to be my tweet of the week. The Roundhouse was 50 this week and chose an extract rom this blog as part of their series of recollections. Many people in our Borough have special memories of the Roundhouse. I believe it is the best venue in the world!

2. As regulars know, we like tweets that tell you what is happening in our community.

3. Google are spying on us in Colindale! Love this tweet!

4. And while we're in Colindale, another great event for your calendar

5. Dramatic skies in Burnt Oak!

6. Another great event in our neighbourhood.

7. Into a bit of brutalist 60's architecture. This is one for you!

8.  A great goal from one of our local footie teams

9. Sounds like an interesting idea?

10. And finally, a sentiment I hope you all agree with

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