Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Tweets of The Week in The London Borough of Barnet 30/11/2016

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Without further ado.....

1. Sparrowharks in Burnt Oak, whatever next?

2. This is a great tweet.

3. Looking for a bit of fun on Thursday in Colindale

4. Angie is worried about overdevelopment in Colindale. So are we!

5. It was halloween and the Bohemia probably had the best treats to celebrate!

6. The acting CEO of Barnet Council has been out and about enjoying himself. Looks likes fun

7. We like to kee you informed about fun things in our communty. This looks like a cracker!

8. Unlike Donald Trump, this is the only pussy we'll be mentioning this week!
9. Yet another spectacular picture from our friends at the Finchley Horticultural Society

10. And finally, Mill Hills favourite Studio has teamed up with Jam24 Radio, Dingwalls and The Hard Rock Cafe to give a platform to some great local artists

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