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The Saturday List #102 - People who should get the nobel prize

Bob Dylan has been awarded a Nobel Prize for literature for the amzing body of work he's produced. It got me thinking. Do you know what Nobel prizes are awarded for? I think we all know about the Peace prize. The rest are Chemistry, Literature, Peace, Physics, and Physiology or Medicine .

I was interested to see who from the UK had won a prize. The list is at the bottom of the page. I was rather surprised by some of the names that were there and perhaps some that weren't. Clearly Winston Churchill deserved a Nobel Prize, but for literature? I was also interested to note that David Trimble was the last UK recipient of a Peace prize. Our last winner of a literature prize was Doris Lessing. I'm not really qualified to comment on the prizes for Physics, Chemistry or Medicine. It is good to see Alexander Fleming inventor of Penecillin there. I guess I was surprised that I didn't see Stephen Hawkings name in there. He is probably the physicist who is best known.

Anyway, I thought I'd compile my own list. As I said, I can't really comment too much on the scientific categories, beyond the obvious one.

1. Sir Bob Geldolf/Midge Ure - Peace prize for Live Aid/Band Aid
2. Joni Mitchell - Literature
3. Stephen Hawkings - Physics
4. JK Rowling - Literature
5. Pope Francis - Peace
6. Tim Berners Lee (inventor of the world Wide Web) - Medicine
7. Ken Loach - Peace
8. John Lydon - Literature
9. Julio Palmaz (inventor of the vascular stent) - Medicine
10. Paul Simon - Literature

Here's why
1. Sir Bob Geldolf/Midge Ure - Peace prize for Live Aid/Band Aid
Saved millions of people. I was amazed not to see them in the list.

2. Joni Mitchell - Literature
An awesome wordsmith. If Bob Dylan deserves a prize then Ms Mitchell most certainly does. The list of winners is very light in females. I think women are often overlooked.

3. Stephen Hawkings - Physics
Popularised physics. An inspiration to us all.

4. JK Rowling - Literature
I suspect that no one on the planet has got more people picking up books than JK Rowling. For that alone she deserves the prize. I suspect she's not highbrow enough for the panel.

5. Pope Francis - Peace
For most of my life I've felt a bit embarrassed to say I'm a Roman Catholic. Pope Francis has changed that. A truly spiritual man who seems to me to be doing hs best to spread peace and reconciliation.

6. Tim Berners Lee (inventor of the world Wide Web) - Medicine
Can someone who doesn't work in the field win the prize? Tim Berners Lee should, because the World Wide Web has transformed medicine.

7. Ken Loach - Peace
Ken Loach has spent his life educating us all through his films. I can't think of anyone who deserves a Nobel prize more.

8. John Lydon - Literature
To some this may seem an odd choice, but to me Lydon is the epitome of the triumph of the underdog His lyrics are sharp and difficult and his books spiky, but I believe he's made a huge difference and has taught many of us who felt downtrodden to stand up for ourselves. 

9. Julio Palmaz (inventor of the vascular stent) - Medicine
I've got at least half a dozen friends who have been saved by vascular stents. It is one of my missions to get Juli Palmaz a bit of recognition, if for no other reason than he's given me many precious evenings with friends who would probably have died.

10. Paul Simon - Literature
To me another one up there with Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. Simon has done more than anyone to popularise world music. His songs are beautiful and haunting.

And here's the full list of UK winners. I'm both proud of it and slighly disappointed.

United Kingdom

  1. Oliver Hart, Economics, 2016
  2. Fraser Stoddart, Chemistry, 2016
  3. David J. Thouless, Physics, 2016
  4. F. Duncan M. Haldane, Physics, 2016
  5. John M. Kosterlitz, Physics, 2016
  6. Angus Deaton, Economics, 2015
  7. Tomas Lindahl, born in Sweden, Chemistry, 2015
  8. John O'Keefe, born in the United States, Physiology or Medicine, 2014
  9. Michael Levitt*, as an Israeli citizen, Chemistry, 2013
  10. Peter Higgs, Physics, 2013
  11. John B. Gurdon, Physiology or Medicine, 2012
  12. Konstantin Novoselov, born in Russia, Physics, 2010
  13. Robert G. Edwards, Physiology or Medicine, 2010
  14. Doris Lessing, born in Iran, Literature, 2007
  15. Sir Martin J. Evans, Physiology or Medicine, 2007
  16. Oliver Smithies*, Physiology or Medicine, 2007
  17. Harold Pinter, Literature, 2005
  18. Clive W. J. Granger*, Economics, 2003
  19. Anthony J. Leggett*, Physics, 2003
  20. Peter Mansfield, Physiology or Medicine, 2003
  21. Sydney Brenner, born in South Africa, Physiology or Medicine, 2002
  22. John E. Sulston, Physiology or Medicine, 2002
  23. Tim Hunt, Physiology or Medicine, 2001
  24. Paul Nurse, Physiology or Medicine, 2001
  25. V. S. Naipaul, born in Trinidad, Literature, 2001
  26. David Trimble, Peace, 1998
  27. John Pople, Chemistry, 1998
  28. John E. Walker, Chemistry, 1997
  29. Harold Kroto, Chemistry, 1996
  30. James A. Mirrlees, Economics, 1996
  31. Joseph Rotblat*, born in then Russian Empire, now Poland, Peace, 1995
  32. Richard J. Roberts, Physiology or Medicine, 1993
  33. Michael Smith*, Chemistry, 1993
  34. Ronald Coase,based in the United States Economics, 1991
  35. James W. Black, Physiology or Medicine, 1988
  36. Niels Kaj Jerne*, Physiology or Medicine, 1984
  37. César Milstein, born in Argentina, Physiology or Medicine, 1984
  38. Richard Stone, Economics, 1984
  39. William Golding, Literature, 1983
  40. Aaron Klug, born in Lithuania, Chemistry, 1982
  41. John Robert Vane, Physiology or Medicine, 1982
  42. Elias Canetti, born in Bulgaria, Literature, 1981
  43. Frederick Sanger, Chemistry, 1980
  44. Arthur Lewis, born on St. Lucia, Economics, 1979
  45. Godfrey Hounsfield, Physiology or Medicine, 1979
  46. Peter D. Mitchell, Chemistry, 1978
  47. James Meade, Economics, 1977
  48. Nevill Francis Mott, Physics, 1977
  49. Amnesty International, Peace, 1977
  50. Betty Williams, Peace, 1976
  51. John Cornforth, born in Australia, Chemistry, 1975
  52. Christian de Duve*, Physiology or Medicine, 1974
  53. Friedrich Hayek, born in Austria, Economics, 1974
  54. Martin Ryle, Physics, 1974
  55. Antony Hewish, Physics, 1974
  56. Patrick White*, Literature, 1973
  57. Geoffrey Wilkinson, Chemistry, 1973
  58. Brian David Josephson, Physics, 1973
  59. Rodney Robert Porter, Physiology or Medicine, 1972
  60. John Hicks, Economics, 1972
  61. Dennis Gabor, born in Hungary, Physics, 1971
  62. Bernard Katz, born in Germany, Physiology or Medicine, 1970
  63. Derek Harold Richard Barton, Chemistry, 1969
  64. Ronald George Wreyford Norrish, Chemistry, 1967
  65. George Porter, Chemistry, 1967
  66. Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin, Chemistry, 1964
  67. Andrew Huxley, Physiology or Medicine, 1963
  68. Alan Lloyd Hodgkin, Physiology or Medicine, 1963
  69. John Kendrew, Chemistry, 1962
  70. Max Perutz, born in Austria, Chemistry, 1962
  71. Francis Crick, Physiology or Medicine, 1962
  72. Maurice Wilkins, born in New Zealand, Physiology or Medicine, 1962
  73. Peter Medawar, born in Brazil (British citizen only), Physiology or Medicine, 1960
  74. Philip Noel-Baker, Peace, 1959
  75. Frederick Sanger, Chemistry, 1958
  76. Alexander R. Todd, Baron Todd, Chemistry, 1957
  77. Cyril Norman Hinshelwood, Chemistry, 1956
  78. Max Born, born in then Germany, now Poland, Physics, 1954
  79. Winston Churchill, Literature, 1953
  80. Hans Adolf Krebs, born in Germany, Physiology or Medicine, 1953
  81. Archer John Porter Martin, Chemistry, 1952
  82. Richard Laurence Millington Synge, Chemistry, 1952
  83. John Cockcroft, Physics, 1951
  84. Bertrand Russell, Literature, 1950
  85. Cecil Frank Powell, Physics, 1950
  86. John Boyd Orr, Peace, 1949
  87. T. S. Eliot, born in the United States, Literature, 1948
  88. Patrick Blackett, Baron Blackett, Physics, 1948
  89. Edward Victor Appleton, Physics, 1947
  90. Robert Robinson, Chemistry, 1947
  91. Friends Service Council, Peace, 1947
  92. Ernst Boris Chain, born in Germany, Physiology or Medicine, 1945
  93. Alexander Fleming, Physiology or Medicine, 1945
  94. George Paget Thomson, Physics, 1937
  95. Robert Cecil, 1st Viscount Cecil of Chelwood, Peace, 1937
  96. Norman Haworth, Chemistry, 1937
  97. Henry Hallett Dale, Physiology or Medicine, 1936
  98. James Chadwick, Physics, 1935
  99. Arthur Henderson, Peace, 1934
  100. Norman Angell, Peace, 1933
  101. Paul Dirac, Physics, 1933
  102. Charles Scott Sherrington, Physiology or Medicine, 1932
  103. John Galsworthy, Literature, 1932
  104. Edgar Adrian, 1st Baron Adrian, Physiology or Medicine, 1932
  105. Arthur Harden, Chemistry, 1929
  106. Frederick Hopkins, Physiology or Medicine, 1929
  107. Owen Willans Richardson, Physics, 1928
  108. Charles Thomson Rees Wilson, Physics, 1927
  109. Austen Chamberlain, Peace, 1925
  110. George Bernard Shaw, born in Ireland, Literature, 1925
  111. John James Rickard Macleod*, Physiology or Medicine, 1923
  112. Francis William Aston, Chemistry, 1922
  113. Frederick Soddy, Chemistry, 1921
  114. Charles Glover Barkla, Physics, 1917
  115. William Henry Bragg, Physics, 1915
  116. William Lawrence Bragg, born in Australia, Physics, 1915
  117. Ernest Rutherford, born in New Zealand, Chemistry, 1908
  118. Rudyard Kipling*, born in India, Literature, 1907
  119. J. J. Thomson, Physics, 1906
  120. John Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh, Physics, 1904
  121. William Ramsay, Chemistry, 1904
  122. William Randal Cremer, Peace, 1903
  123. Ronald Ross*, born in India, Physiology or Medicine, 1902

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