Sunday, 9 October 2016

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 09/10/2016

We know you've been waiting all week for this, so here it is. Don't forget to follow any of our tweeters who have something interesting to say!

1.We try and keep you informed of interesting things here. We think this deserves a look

2. Always sad to report these sort of things in our community

3. You've got love this one, methinks!

4. I enjoyed this picture. I'd never have guessed the use of the building from the piccie

5. As I said, we love to share great things to do. We think this tweets cuts the mustard

6. I always like to see people thank our hard earned emergency services. In our society complaining has increased, courtesy and thanks have declined. This is what we should do when we see professionals doing their job well.

7. As I keep re-iterating, we like to keep you informed of great things to do. We think this cuts the mustard!

8. Want to put Burnt Oak on the map?

9. A comic genius in a Finchley tribute!

10. A famous Mill Hill institution hits a landmark

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