Monday, 9 December 2019

Join us on Friday at the Midland Hotel, Hendon for the Barnet Eye Annual Community Awards

What are you doing this Friday. Depending on your point of view, it may be a wake or a party as the election results roll in. We arranged the Barnet Eye Community Awards before Boris announced the date of the election. We did contemplate changing the date or even cancelling it as we felt many people would be otherwise engaged. But then we found out that the Midland Hotel is facing an existential threat. The owners of the site are actively trying to force John and his team out of the pub and are resubmitting plans to redevelop the pub, despite the pub receiving Asset of Community Value Protection. We don't have the luxury of time to show our support and demonstrate how important the pub is, so we decided to keep the date and also use the event as a registration drive for support for John and his team at the Pub. The pub is a key part of our local heritage and our community. We need everyone who cares about pubs, live music and community to show up. This is a cross community campaign with support from all of the local parties. It is an opportunity to show that we do care and we will fight to preserve our community. If you've never been to the Barnet Eye community awards before, it is a fun night, where we recognise members of our community who have done great things. You don't need to wear a suit, just show up and enjoy yourself. It is all free. We have live music, Rog T's Ska and Reggae DJ set and the actual awards, where you can find out about the great things people are doing in our community.

It has also brought people together. In 2017 when we made the Mill Hill Rugby Club our community Sports club of the year and The Colindale Foodbank our charity of the year, the club organised a highly successful collection for the foodbank for Xmas. These links endure. Please make the effort, it is a chance to recharge your batteries and to engage with the rest of our amazing community.

The categories this year are

Barneteye Person of the year

Barneteye Charity of the year

Barneteye Pub of the Year

Barneteye Musician of the Year

Barneteye Sports Club of the Year

Barneteye Community Event of the Year

Barneteye Campaigner of the year

Barneteye Local Campaign of the year


Please join us on Friday 13th December at 8pm at The Midland Hotel, Hendon, for the Barnet Eye Community awards and annual Xmas party. We are also looking for nominations for our community awards, click here for details. Free admission

Just to give you a flavour, here's some of the tunes you'll be hearing. I hope that you'l agree it should be fun. We've always been keen to support young talent and we have an amazing singer Lexsi doing a set, along with my band The False Dots


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