Monday, 2 December 2019

Update from the Midland Hotel Community Group

Hi All

The owners of The Midland Pub, EEH Estates Ltd, employed a PR consultant, Mr John Stafford-Mills, in the summer. Mr Stafford-Mills asked to meet with interested stakeholders and four of us met with him and their planning consultant, Mr James Singer, from Nexus planning (the agents for last year's application) in September.
We reiterated our staunch support for the pub and made it very clear that demolition of the pub will be totally unacceptable by the group, the local residents and the wider community.

I recently asked for an update on events and this is his reply sent on Tuesday 26 November 2019.

Dear Mr Paterson
Thank you for your message.  Apologies for the radio silence. 
I haven’t been back to you as yet because no decisions have yet been taken on the way ahead.  The client has been considering the feedback we gave him from the various discussions we had locally, and James, the architects and I met with them last week to discuss next steps.  We have a design meeting with the wider consultants team next week and will then meet the council officers for a pre-app discussion.   At that stage we’ll have a good idea of the scheme we will wish to take forward and consult on, at which time I’ll contact you to suggest that we meet again.
I will let you know as soon as there is further news.      
Best regards
John Stafford-Mills
It is important that we spread the word that development plans are afoot. 
We do not know what they are and there is NO requirement for the owners, their PR man or their planning consultants to let us know what they the are proposing.
It may well be that the first sight of the plans will be via the planning application on Barnet website.
Note that the PR guy's reply came after John Teahan (pub licensee) had been told in writing of the rent demand of £10,000 per month. 
As supporters of this pub,
  • Please encourage others to register their interest by replying to this email so that we can mobilise objections quickly if a planning application is submitted to Barnet Council.
  • If you have social media, please publicise this via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Like the pub's Facebook page and contribute photos and reviews to show that it is a popular pub.
  • There will be a Christmas and Community Awards Party hosted by Barnet Eye on Friday 13 December 2019 at The Midland Hotel Pub. 8pm. Please come!!
  • Please encourage friends and family to visit to support the pub as often as feasible to demonstrate its 'ASSET OF COMMUNITY VALUE' listing
  • If any of political candidates or their representatives should visit you in the coming days prior to the election, please make them aware that The Midland Hotel pub is a well cherished community pub and they must robustly challenge any development plans to demolish the pub.
Cheers and Thank you!
Dave Paterson
Midland Hotel Community Group
Barneteye comment -  following the previous blog from the MHCG last week, we've had over 2,000 views of the post and a huge number of comments have been generated and fed back to group. 


Devastating news and I can’t believe that the landlord can do this - absolutely disgraceful and outrageous. What is Hendon coming to? Faceless buildings with no character or soul. History being bulldozed over to line the pockets of the wealthy.

To lose the Midland would simply be devastating for Hendon and its local community.
Barnet Council can’t let it happen.  

 it is a great pub, with good beer and friendly bar staff. It should remain so.  

So very saddened by this horrendous news.  

I have just read this article in horror!!! The midland has been reinvigorated thanks to John and his team. It’s a buzzing place for locals to meet and celebrate. We cannot allow for this historic place to be destroyed and flats to be built. Please add me and my family to your list of supporters.  

I am in favour of the retention of The Midland Hotel as the going concern it is at present. Any attempts at imposing punitive, exorbitant rent rises must be opposed in order to support this valuable community resource.  

I used to drink regularly in the pub and know what a vital community resource this hotel is. The last thing the 
people of Hendon need is more luxury apartments!  

Very sad to hear about the Midland hotel. Should not be happening it is a focal point of the community.  A community is more than a block of flats keep the community alive by protecting the individuality of the community.   

This rent is a ridiculous sum to ask, it’s quite obvious what their intentions are. We support whatever will help to save the Midland and block another load of flats being crammed into West Hendon.  

It's bl**dy outrageous what they're doing to this pub. The history behind it - is there no regard for this? John and the staff have worked tirelessly to build up the clientele; it really is a great local pub, great food, company and staff can never do enough.

It's a disgrace!

You can keep in touch with the support group by emailing and registering at 
Please show support for the pub and join us on Friday 13th December at 8pm at The Midland Hotel, Hendon, for the Barnet Eye Community awards and annual Xmas party. We are also looking for nominations for our community awards, click here for details. Free admission

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