Monday, 4 November 2019

The Barnet Eye Community Awards 2019 - Your chance to tell us who deserves a community award

On Friday the 13th of December, we will be holding the Barnet Eye Community awards at our annual Xmas party at The Midland Hotel. We love to recognise the unsung hero's in our community, the people who have made a difference, without anyone really noticing. We've been doing this for many years and you can check out last years winners here.  We've also recognise great pubs,  restaurants and organisations. Whilst the awards are totally unofficial, we are the most read blog in Barnet and it gives kudos and recognition to those receiving awards.

We always invite suggestions from our readers as to who we should be nominating. It is really simple, you just CLICK HERE TO SEND US AN EMAIL and send us your nomination and a one or two sentence citation that we can put on the certificate when it is presented.

It has not escaped our notice that this is the day after the election. In recognition of this, we will not be making presentations to politicians, but those from all parties are welcome to come down and join in the fun!

Last years categories were as follows.

Barneteye Person of the year

Barneteye Charity of the year

Barneteye Pub of the Year

Barneteye Band/Artist of the Year

Barneteye Sports Club of the Year

Barneteye Community Event of the Year

Barneteye Campaigner of the year

Barneteye Local Campaign of the year


So if you see a category and you think "I know just the person for that", send us an email and a citation. If you think we've missed a trick, let us know and suggest a new category. We have a limit of ten categories. 

Please put the date in your diary. It is always a lot of fun, something we'll need after the election! there will, as ever, be an excellent programme of live music. We are also hoping to have some comedy this year!

So save the date in your diary!

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