Thursday, 12 December 2019

The Hamster Plague of Burnt Oak!

Back in 1983, Burnt Oak was overrun with Hamsters, a story that made ITV news. A local Labour Councillor Jim Brophy was shot with an air pellet by hamster hunters.

This mysterious plague has always intrigued me, not least as I went to Orange Hill School, which was next to the allotments which was the base of the hamsters in their plan for world domination. BBC Radio London presenter Robert Elms was also an ex Orange Hill boy and his mum lived on the Watling, so I asked him whether his mum was one of the victims of the plague! He reassurred me that she wasn't but asked me if I'd join him on his show to ask the question of what the real story of the hamster plague was.

You can hear the whole story on BBC sounds here - - My question is asked at 22.25. The first answer is around 1.14.52 with Kelvin. Robert thinks that it was an urban myth that started in the Bald Faced Stag.

I'd love to know if anyone actually saw any hamsters and has pictures or press cuttings. Can you help solve the mystery?


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Andrew Blunt said...

The hamsters were being put through letterboxes by somebody who lived next door to my mother in Hook Walk.