Friday, 31 October 2008

Wrong, Bad and Evil - Another Mad Rant !!!!!!!!

Thanks to East_Finchley_Helen for the title of todays blog. Don't you think "Wrong Bad and Evil" is a great title for an Album? It's certainly a great title for a blog, but unfortunately it's the opposite of what you are about to read, as for once I'm in a good mood. Maybe I'll write a nice little blues song using that line. Maybe "Helen" will have made me my next million !!!!

Maybe I should change the name of the band to "The Mad Rant's" to celebrate our 30th anniversary of making a terrible racket. Now if you want to know what she was on about click HERE and check the comments. If you don't (and who could blame you) read on.

As it's the weekend, I'm feeling "Right, Good and Good". Funny that, never realised before but the opposite of both Bad and Evil is Good. Anyway, enough waffling. Why am I feeling so happy? Well apart from the fact that it's Friday evening and the pubs are open, I had some good news today. In November 2001 my world completely changed. Wheras before everything seemed fuzzed and blurred, I suddenly saw things for what they really were. Did I join a bonkers religious sect, did I stop drinking, no, I had my eyesight mended with a laser beam. All of a sudden I could see clearly again. Best £1,500 I ever spent. All of a sudden I could play snooker again. I could drive legally without glasses. I could see the ball when I played football. Since then it's been pretty good, but recently I've noticed a small deteriation. I thought I'd better go back and get them checked. Well I had an hour of extensive checks and tests in a whole variety of machines. The good news is that my eye's are fine and actually more healthy than they were when I had the procedure. It is always nice to find out that you've actually improved !

Some of the responses I've got to these blogs are quite amusing. I didn't quite know what to expect from the blog about Barnet's gay mafia, but I got an email from a friend explaining that his teenage daughter had taken to calling him "Gay" as a term of abuse. I'm afraid I couldn't offer him too much advice on how to make teenage daughters behave, but maybe he should consider moving to Hendon to further his career (if my mad emailer's theory is true about how you get on round here). The other email I got was from someone who was rather upset about my comment about preferring to be mistaken for being gay than mistaken for a Manchester United fan. Well in my view being a United fan is a lifestyle choice so it shows extremely poor judgement on the part of fan. It means that any conversation regarding football inevitably leads to a period of gloating (me being a City fan). Manchester United fans also display a rather unpleasant tendency to smugness which I find most distasteful. I can honestly say I never get the same vibes from gay friends, unless they are also supporters of United. Strangely enough, I haven't received a response from the correspondent who initiated the blog. Maybe he's taken my advice and sought professional help.

Anyway It's the weekend. I'm going to have a beer and a curry and chill out. Whatever you are up to, enjoy !!!!! Sorry if you expected a mad rant, but I'm feeling far too cheerful for that tonight.

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