Wednesday 12 January 2011

Shannon Powell RIP

On a rather sad note, you may recall I mentioned that a friend of my daughter suddenly and unexpectedly passed away at the weekend. Many thanks to Barnet Eye readers for their kind words and concern. Shannon Powell was a member of the Barnet Copthall swimming club. She had recently won the 14 year old Girls club championship. My daughter, being the 15 year old champion, new her very well and is devastated. Swimmers spend days on end together at meets and galas and are a close knit community.

As a fellow parent, words cannot convey my sadness at what has happened. My thoughts and prayers are with Shannons family at this most terrible of times. The Times cover the story today

It really puts everything else into perspective.  All of us are only here for a short time. I can't offer any great insights and I have struggled to find the words to say anything meaningful to my daughter. The only advice I can really offer anyone is for us all to make sure that the people we love, know we love them and that we'll be there for them whenever and wherever they need us.

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claire b said...

Thanks Roger... as a fellow parent of one of Shannon's swimming mates, I can only agree with your comment.. Shannon was evidently a well loved member of the squad and will be hugely missed.. There are no words to console the grief of a teenager.. My heart and love is with her family... always.x