Saturday, 4 February 2012

Announcement - Can you Change Barnet and the world?

Author, Environmentalist and Futurist Tony Kearney

Can Barnet Change the World?
Can you Change Barnet and the world?

The Centre
Bath Place
Barnet EN5 5XE
Friday 10th February 2012
7.30 pm

Tony, the author of the books Who Owns the Future?, Boo! and The Tao of Awe, will be exploring the relationship we have with our environment and how we can all make a difference and thus change the world for the better without ever even having to leave Barnet! How cool is that?  He believes that enthusiasm, inspiration and co-operation are the best ways of building a better future together, especially as none of these qualities cause the wrong kind of climate change but lots of the right kind! 

Local community group The High Barnet Green Home Zone will take up Tony's themes and look at how they might be put into practice on a day-to-day basis.
If you would like to hear how you can make your Community (local and global) a better place, then do not miss this most special event.

Admission: £3.  Children under 16 free.  Family groups welcome.
Refreshments available.

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