Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Barnet Council Cabinet Meeting : 20/2/2012

Here are a few of the public questions from the Council Cabinet meeting. Tonights hot topic Friern Library closure. Sadly for Councillor Robert Rams, the crowd aren't laughing with him, are they?

At least Councillor Richard Cornelius had the decency to apologise for the appalling grammar in the associated Council document and admitted it was a ppor show. Councillor Robert Rams made it quite clear that he thinks attention to detail is pointless. Quite revealing when in the question previous, the leader had made reference to the importance of raising literary standards. I guess that is why one is the leader and the other will never be.


Mr Mustard said...

It was an uncomfortable meeting for Robert Rams who got jeered and heckled a lot. I for one cannot believe that all fo the residents were telling lies and only Robert was telling the truth as he seemed to suggest by his answers.

Mrs Angry is correct. They just want to sell the building and pocket the cash.

Ben said...

I urge all who support the campaign to save Friern Barnet library keep up to date with us by doing these 3 things:

1) Signing up to our e-mailing list on our website, www.tinyurl.com/savefbliby
2) Liking us on Facebook.com/SaveFriernBarnetLiby
3) Get updates via our Twitter page:

The campaign to Save Friern Barnet Library continues!

Many thanks to Roger for initiating the Barnet campaign and for not only filming the cabinet meeting, but for managing to get Cllr Cornelius to respond with sincerity for once!