Sunday 21 August 2016

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 21/08/2016

What has been inspiring the twits of Barnet? This is our pick of the week. People have asked me what criteria I use for this selection. The answer is simple, if a tweet makes me laugh, cry or I think there are a few people who might find it interesting, it gets considered. Then I try my best to put them into some sort of order.

1. This was the tweet that stated a campaign, that has generated over 600 signatures in four days and received widespread coverage in the local press and blogs. Well done to Mark Amies, a good friend of this blog

2.And we'd also like to pay tribute to some of the volunteers for one of our finest local charities!

3. And at TheBarnet Eye we are rather keen on doggies!

4.A reminder from the Assistant Director at The RAF museum of our local heritage

5. A classic view of Edgware tube station when it opened. I love these tweets
6. One of the finer spots in Finchley. The late great Spike Milligans bench!

7. Calling all local businesswomen, got some time free tomorrow night?

8. Lets celebrate our local Olympic heritage. A fine blue plaque in Golders Green
9. The big story in Mill Hill was the occupation of Mill Hill Park by a group of travellers

10. And watch out for Londons finest studios on Barnet TV!!!

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